Pumpkin Seed Kernels---Ceavia
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Pumpkin Seed Kernels---Ceavia


Pumpkin seed kernels are the seeds of Cucurbita Moschata Duch., flat oval, sharp in one end, dried mature seeds. It can be cooked and used as ingredients for baking and hot dishes.


The nutritional value of pumpkin seed kernels


1. Pumpkin seeds have a good effect on killing schistosom  larvae, and can also denature and reduce the number of mature adults. They also have a certain therapeutic effect on schistosomiasis;


2. Pumpkin seed is also an effective tapeworm repellent and has no toxicity or any side effects. It is suitable for elderly and children with tapeworm disease, abdominal pain and fullness, and has obvious effects on patients with pinworm disease, tapeworm disease, hookworm disease, and other diseases;


3. Research in the United States has found that eating about 50 grams of pumpkin seeds every day can effectively prevent and treat prostate diseases. This is because the secretion of hormones in the prostate relies on fatty acids, which are rich in pumpkin seeds and can maintain good function of the prostate gland; The active ingredients contained can eliminate the swelling in the early stages of prostatitis and also have a preventive effect on prostate cancer;


4. Pumpkin seeds are rich in pantothenic acid

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